Our History

Somar by Schulz is the leading brand in manufacturing and selling bench vises in Brazil. Founded in 1929, it was the first manufacturer of manual  tools such as bench vises and die holders. Today, the brand is part of the portfolio of Schulz Compressores Ltda.

Up to the middle of the 90’s, Somar only produced tools and electric  grinders. In 1997, it started to manufacture and sell vibration and centrifugal motor pumps, coming to act in the fields of building, agribusiness and industry. In the following year, it developed its line of industrial piston washers of medium pressure and high flow. In 2000, it increased its portfolio of pumps, coming to manufacture submerged motor pumps for deep wells. After two years, in 2002, the company was one of the pioneers in the motor pump sector to take part, since the start, in the Brazilian program of labeling by means of GTBOM (Work Group of Motor Pumps in the Brazilian Association of Machines and  Equipment) in partnership with Inmetro, Eletrobrás and Procel.

The participation in GTBOM motivated the company to invest heavily in the  infrastructure and equipment for the Motor Pump Test Laboratory. Currently, this  laboratory is a domestic reference in the development and evaluation of  performance of the products, which guarantees the three-phase motor pumps of the brand the Procel energy efficiency seal.

In 2010, Somar was then incorporated in Schulz Compressores Ltda., which expanded its performance in the market of motor pumps, machines and tools for fulfilling the requirements of demanding global customers. The acquisition of the shareholding  control of Somar S.A. allowed greater synergy with the two product lines, Somar and Schulz Compressores, strengthening even further the growth of the company in a  segment in which it did not take part.

As of 2013, the product portfolio was increased with the development  of the lines of welding transformers, power generators, combustion engines and air compressors.

Somar is  synonymous with tradition, strength and a reference  in the tools and equipment market for professionals in the segments of maintenance, mechanics, metalwork and building civil and is among the main manufacturers of submerged motor pumps  in Brazil.

With a varied mix and its more than 7,200 points of sale, Somar gained wide coverage in domestic territory, besides maintaining a  full technical assistance network performing throughout the country.